MK Ultra used on College Students

You thought you knew what was happening, but you don’t.

This is a really important 40 second vid. Use Keepvid and save it in your library. And pray that these students don’t mysteriously “vanish”.

We knew they were mind controlling students on campus, but never thought it was so extensive. Maybe this is why all new students attending Universities are required to live on campus in the dorms.

Mind control is much more widespread than commonly believed. In addition to governments, corporations, religious groups and even individuals are using mind control protocols to enslave people. There are many forums and newsgroups run by homosexuals that are dedicated to finding ways to hypnotize people into becoming homosexuals. In addition, there is an entire industry in America that teaches men to use hypnosis and NLP (neuro-lingustic programming…another type of hypnosis) to “pick up” and seduce unwary women into having sex with them. It is called the “seduction industry” and women everywhere are being victimized by it.

Chemical hypnosis is even “easier” than learning by books and DVD’s. Remember that all it takes is some scopolamine in orange juice and a person loses all their will and is totally hypnotized. If you don’t believe this, then read the free books at The Mars Records to gain a greater understanding of this subject. You will be shocked at what you will learn. Please download another free book that details how these mind control commands can be removed.

This is from Evergreen State College – the college full of communists where the anti-white stuff is going on. These young people are being used in some type of major mind control program. It is possible that other students in other colleges are being used as well. Now that this college has been exposed, people are asking questions and the government is considering shutting it down, possibly to avoid questions concerning students having no memory of their 2 or more years attending there.

Everyone who goes to college should learn accurate muscle testing to find out what is being done to them.

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Read the shocking “Operation Mind control – Researchers Edition” by Bowart. So rare that paper copies were being sold at one time for $100.

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